9-10 April 2011, Melbourne: Australia’s Climate Action Summit 2011

Business and Economics Building, Melbourne University, Melbourne, Australia:

Community Climate Network, Climate Action Summit 2011 : From the ground up –

  • John Thomson – National President, Lock The Gate Alliance.
  • Gemma Weedall – Climate Emergency Action Network South Australia.
  • Cam Walker – National Campaigns Coordinator, Friends of the Earth.
  • Philip Sutton – co-author of Climate Code Red; convener, Climate Emergency Network Victoria.
  • James Goodman – Friends of the Earth; associate professor, University of Technology Sydney.
  • Drew Hutton – Spokesperson for Friends of the Earth Queensland and organiser for the Lock The Gate Alliance.
  • Jasmin Ali – Melbourne University and Solidarity.
  • David McKnight – author, researcher at the Journalism and Media Research Centre, University on New South Wales.


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